Publications about the museum

It was Alexander Efimovitch Parnis, a literary critic of Khlebnikov and vanguard researcher, who suggested an idea of establishing The Khlebnikov museum (eleven years before its official creating) in the article "A museum to the singer of the Volga" published in the Astrakhan local newspaper "The Volga" issue from November 28, 1982.

In 1983 and 1985 his idea was supported by Vladimir Radzishevsky and Alexander Markov.

The museum was opened in the 19-th of October 1993 and in September 1995 it experienced a new birth: after the exposition widened with the Khlebnikovs family relics (donated by May Mituritch) it was said to become "a unique centre of Russian culture". It became famous far away beyond Astrakhan and later became world-famous participating in conferences which took place in Amsterdam and Lion. A great deal of publications were devoted to it. Let's enumerate some of them:

Ryabenko T. Otkryt muzey Khlebnikova [The Khlebnikov museum is open]// The Volga. Astrakhan. 22 October 1993 [rus.]

Mamaev A.A. Vozvrashchenie k istoku (Dar Maya Mituricha) [Returning to the roots (May Miturich's donation)] // The Volga. Astrakhan. 14 January 1995 (rus.)

Rudnev P. Khlebnikovy zhivut zdes [The Khlebnikovs live here] // The Nezavisimaya Gazeta [The Independent newspaper] 21 October 1999.

Miturich M.P. Muzey Budetlyanina [The Budetlyanin's museum]// The Mir Museya [The world of museum] Moscow №5. September-October 2005 (rus.)

Godunova E. Khlebnikov vernulsya [Khlebnikov is back]. A unique virtual museum of the poet to be established in Astrakhan// The Rossiyskaya gazeta [The Russian newspaper]. 17 June 2005. (rus)

Kuzovleva O.O. Festival Khlebnikova [The festival of Khlebnikov] On the occasion of 125-th anniversary of the poet// The Dogadinka. Astrakhan State Art Gallery №9. 2010.(rus.)

Mamaev A.A. Mezdunarodnaya propiska [International residence permit]//The Mir Museya [The world of museum] Moscow №1. 1 January 2011.(rus.)

Kuzovleva O.O. Molodeznie proekty v kontekste sovremennogo muzeynogo prostranstva [The Youth projects as a part of modern museum space] // Digest of "Kasteevsky conference". Almaty (Kzakhstan) 2012 (rus.)

Emelina M.V. Multimediyny proekt "Golod prostranstva" [Multimedia project "Hunger of space"]// Digest of Astrakhan local lore conference. Astrakhan 2015 (rus.)

Godunova G. Dom Velimira. Muzey Khlebnikova vyhodit v virtualnoe prostranstvo [Velimir's home. The Khlebnikov museum to enter virtual space] // The Rossiyskaya Gazeta № 262. 2015.

In the past years The Velimir Khlebnikov museum has substantially retained in the context of the World culture.