The Velimir Khlebnikov house-museum is located on the site of the former apartment-house belonged to Polyakov (1909) in Velimir's parents' Astrakhan flat to be exact. In 1911-1919 Velimir often arrived here in Bolshaya Demidovskaya str. (present 53, Sverdlova str.). In 1931 the artist Vera Khlebnikova, Velimir's sister took her parents from here to Moscow and left "her ancestors' town" forever. The exhibition display of the only Khlebnikov house-museum in the world is based on the "Khlebnikov collection" donated by May Miturich-Khlebnikov, the poet's nephew. The museum is located on the ground floor of a dwelling house and consisted of two sections: "Memorial" and "Exhibition rooms".


The first section of the museum is a flat where the Khlebnikovs lived. It includes five rooms, a corridor and a verandah: "Ancestry", "Living-room", "Vera's room", "Velimir's room", "The hall of Velimir Khlebnikov", "The end of Velimir's life", "Khlebnikov verandah"

Astrakhan is a native town for the poet's ancestors, "one of the cues to Khlebnikov". The first room "Ancestry" shows the Khlebnikovs' family tree, the chart of Astrakhan province in the end of the 19-th century and photos from family photobook.

The living room contains original parquet floor made of dark oak, tile stoves, moulding on the ceiling. One can see some books from the family library, family tableware, V.A. Khlebnikov's scientific works and furniture from "Khlebnikovs' collection".

In "Vera's room" where the poet's sister was living since 1916 till 1924 her drawings including Astrakhan period are on show. Among her personal properties there is a paperweight that she brought from Italy, manuscripts of her poems and antique postcards.

"Velimir's room" is the only room of the wandering poet in the world. It looks like a creative laboratory of the Futurist. With the aid of "supplemented reality" technology (multimedia project "Hunger of space or Velimir's room") one can make a virtual trip into the space of Khlebnikov's creativity. The following Velimir's personal properties are on show in the room – a soldier box, a book of Walt Whitman's lyrics, wooden toy-figures, postcards from the poet's private collection.

"The hall of Velimir Khlebnikov". The main idea of this hall is to show Velimir Khlebnikov's role in the world literature. Among exhibited his personal properties there are hand-made pen of willow branch and a necktie V.Mayakovski gave him. The editions published when Khlebnikov was still alive are unique: "Velimir Khlebnikov's bulletin №1", "The trumpet of the Martians", "Time-digest the fourth" and "Sight at 1923".

The room "The end of Velimir's life" shows copies of drawings by Petr Miturich, the poet's friend who captured the last days and hours of Velimir's life he had spent in Santalovo.

"The Khlebnikov verandah" is a place for temporary exhibitions, authorial presentations, literature studios, poetic soirees, master-classes and "word-creating games", museum classes for kids and museum projects.

Exhibition rooms

The second section of the museum is located in the opposite flat where the Khlebnikovs' neighbors lived and now it is the place for the exhibition rooms.

The room "Vera Khlebnikova's paintings" includes her works "Mermaids", "The old and the new", "The artist's path" and some other.

Vera Khlebnikova's drawings mostly of 1930-s are shown in the room "Vera Khlebnikova's drawings".

The room "Petr Miturich's drawings" introduces his drawings and paintings and examples of "spatial graphics".

The artist's paintings and some of his personal properties are exhibited in "The verandah of May Miturich".

The museum finishes with the rooms "Drawings by S.K. Botiev" and "The Library"